Dear Kitties

Dear Kitties,

Thanks for all you did to keep me and my family alive last night while we slept. Just a little feedback:

While it may seem necessary to launch yourselves off the dresser while I sleep, that thing that moved under the covers – that was my foot. I have known my foot for 40+ years and trust her immensely.

Thanks so much for finding that candy wrapper in Maddie’s room – I’m so grateful you batted it around for an hour to be sure it was dead before you dropped it on my head. I am happy to dispose of the body for you.

I also very much appreciate you knocking things off the shelves – I understand now that you feel we are safer with those dangerous picture frames on the ground.

The plant NEXT to the pot….interesting. I’ll try it your way for a while. I’m sure you know better than I.

And your pure joy at killing all things perilous in our home – I hear it in your purr as you both climb all over me at dawn. Wow, do you have plane engines in your chests? No…no, no – no need to turn it down, the alarm will go off any minute. Go to sleep little ones….you must rest after such a harrowing evening.

Well, I’m off to work – enjoy your day of sleeping and eating – see you at 4am.

Alive because of you, Mom.


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